Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide meaningful, ethical, veterinary healthcare to our patients.  We will diagnose diseases and conditions and treat them without inflating costs or procedures.  New pet owners and livestock producers  will use us as mentors and we will extend veterinary medical knowledge to experienced clients. We will counsel senior pet owners and owners of senior pets in decision-making which will benefit both client and pet. We will help livestock producers maximize profit through quality animal husbandry and management programs, while supporting the humane practice of those programs.

We will not sacrifice patient welfare for economics. Emergency aid will always be available either directly or indirectly.  Our boarding facility will be a safe option for owners entrusting their companions to us. We can build confidence in our clinic and services and extend our compassion through grief counseling and the pet owner’s final decision. Through our strengths we will educate our clients and build strong relationships in our agricultural community.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the memorable and cherished resource for veterinary healthcare, information and help to livestock and pet owners. We will be synonymous with Christian ethics and moral business practices.  Our success will be measured in returning clients as well as new referrals.